TaiChi Seminar Lake Constance

On the last weekend in March, Bodensee-Seminar took place for the 20th time.
The TaiChi Center Bodensee celebrates this anniversary, too, and welcomed all participants in a sunny, bright and shiny manner.

Those, who arrived on Friday, trained together to learn and imporve the Basic Exercises.

Saturday and Sunday, there were groups , adjusted to the parcipiant´s levels of progress, to choose:
Learning/ improving Basic Exercises
Learning/ improving Form Part 1
Special improvement Form Parts 1-6
Learning/ improving Sabre Form
Pushhands basics for all at the end of each trainig unit

Amongst the participants you could find almost all „new“ Course Instructors, who had received their certificates since October 2017.

During breaks, there were refreshments, like tea, coffee and sweets, and those who wanted, had dinner and lunch together in the „seminar- restaurant“ Al Porto.

The seminar was up very quickly, but every participant got enough inputs for the following time.
Thanks to all teachers- Ulrich Gössler, Udo Kästner, Maik Bendix, Margrit Klein, Jutta Behr and Barbara Kienzle- see you next time!

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