Spring Seminar at Lake Constance March 31st -April 2nd 2023

At the beginning of April, enthusiastic Tai Chi practitioneers met in the traditional manner at Lake Constance for a 3-day spring seminar. From beginners to form to sabre, the participants diligently learned, practised and improved.

During the breaks there was excellent coffee from Barrista Ulrich, cakes and other delicacies that the participants brought along and lots of lively conversation.

Our physical well-being was taken care of in the restaurant “im Vorbei” (www.imvorbei.com), where we never had to wait long thanks to advance booking. In the meantime we watched the kitesurfers.

As always, a successful seminar, which Ulrich and Barbara planned and organised superbly, leaving nothing to be desired.

See you next time!

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