Review of Lago Seminar 2019

TaiChi de luxe under Italy´s mild sun

The first week of Oktober gave 30 enthusiats (us!) five days of intensive training at Costa del Lago Maggiore.

Sabre, TuiShou, parts of the Long Slow Form under best weather coditions at Ghiffa´s beach. The highly motivated team of teachers: Jutta, Margrit, Maik, Paul, Udo and of course Ulrich made individual training possible, so that everybody could get as much as he or she wanted.

Barbara gave us a small insight into the anatomy of the mechanical axes of the legs and feet. While integrating this new knowledge into our training immediately, we found out that movement can still be much easier.

Shoujun from Villa Bianca cared again for our coulinaric pleasures- thanks to him and his team, nobody had to leave the table hungrily.

On our last evening together, we enjoyed a „Castagnata“ at Gigi´s. Freshly roasted maroni, salami, cheese, bread and wine and a wonderful view at the lake made everybody´s heart pound!

At the end of the seminar we gave our cheers to our new course instructors Barbara (D), Daniel (CH) und Davide (I), who did great work.

With new knowledge, understanding and great experiences we went home with a heavy heart on Sunday- but after the seminar is befor the seminar- next year´s date is already fixed!

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