Tai Chi Seminar Lago Maggiore 2017 (Eng)

all participants

From September 29th to October 3rd, 18 Tai Chi enthusiats came together at Hotel Zust near Lago Maggiore, to learn, improve and enjoy „la dolce vita“.

After a daily joint start with the basic exercises, participants could choose from diffrent training groops, according to their individual abilities. Groups were teached as follows:

Correction of Form parts 1-6 – Ulrich Gössler
Tui Shou – Udo Kästner
Basic Excercises – Barbara Kienzle
Learning Form Part 1 – Jutta Behr
Learning Form Part 3 – Margrit Klein
Sword Form- Maik Bendix

very detailed description of positions

Tui Shou

In addition, 3 Candidates passed their qualification approval for course instructor.
Congratulations to Barbara Kienzle, Martha Gastgeb und Paul Simedrea.

During pauses, we were well cared for by the hotel with food, coffee and tea. For lunch, we got together at the nearby Villa Bianca, to geht strength for free trainings in the afternoons- or shopping tours to Intra! And all of us enjoyed much the social evening at Scareno, dancing and having fun.

good vibrations at Tiziano´s

On Monday afternoon, a few of us joined Ulrich on a meditative  tour to the beautiful Val Grande, where we found a beuatiful landscape and lots of Maroni.

Val Grande

Even weather was not as bad as forecasted, so we could perform the long slow form all together on the terrace with a view to the lake  and the sun in our faces!

performing the long slow form altogether

Thanks to Ulrich Gössler for organizing a perfect seminar!

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