Spring Seminar Lake Constance May 2022

We spent a wonderful weekend at the TaiChi Medical Centre on Lake Constance! It was great to come together once again, train together, learn together and of course indulge in socialising!

We were very diligent in the different areas – from basic exercises to weapons to fast form, almost everything was there.

A worthy conclusion to the seminar was, as always, the joint “running” of the long form.

This year there was another special feature:

For the first time in a long time, and for the first time since Ma Jiangbao’s passing, a teacher examination was held at EWTC!

Congratulations to Paul Simedrea for becoming a certified TaiChi teacher for Wu Style TaiChi according to Ma Jiangbao!

Congratulations also from the examination committee of the WuTaiChi Medical Centre and the EWTC!

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