All students of traditional Wu Tai Chi Chuan consider this art as a cultural inheritance of high value which needs two prongs for its conservation and development. First, individual training and learning of the forms to keep its significance. Second, a superior association that guarantees stability and maintenance of the tradition. For this reason in 1995 the European Association for Traditional Wu Tai Chi Chuan EWTC was founded.
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Among others the following was set as a central objective. “The association has the aim to cultivate the Traditional Wu Tai Chi Chuan, to inspire the youth and to guarantee the quality of teaching while spreading its family of practitioners.”

Want to join us?
The EWTC offers a network for all teachers and students of the traditional Wu Tai Chi Chuan as well as an information platform for all those who are interested. We welcome everybody who wants to take part in practicing and cultivating this tradition. You may download an admission form and articles of the association from our website.